Lively Links

I'm snowed in at my flat so my grand plans for the day have shifted to curling up with a steaming mug of tea, watching snow fall (and cars attempt in vain to navigate my street), and cleansing my closet of anything that doesn't fit/is worn out/isn't needed. Less to clean, less to move the next time that happens, and less clutter? Yes and yes.

Some of the best things I've come across recently:

Max Richter. His style of music is described as "post-classical," blending classical, electronic, and rock influences. I call it the sound of what I want my dwelling space to sound like. Here's one of his songs (On the Nature of Daylight) mixed with Dinah Washington's "This Bitter Earth."

Also of note: his take on Vivaldi's Four Seasons

What 13 people wore to interview with the editor of Vogue Magazine

A look into Steve Jobs' creative process and a lesson in naming, meeting strategy, and perseverance

Newest addition to my living room care of the most perfect bookstore ever. An interview with the photographers can be found here.

Happy Sunday!