Stream of Tuesday Consciousness

During what had become a ritualistic late afternoon hunt for decent coffee, I remembered the day's chill but not the grey sky consuming my building.

The hunt had involved an ear pop down an elevator (down from two or three earlier this year), crossing a lobby to get to an escalator, walking through a skyway or two, and then bantering with a barista before reversing the trip. In total, it comprised fewer than five minutes, but those five minutes of mindfulness, movement, and change did wonders for the mind.

One of the biggest forces behind this afternoon propensity was not because I need the caffeine but because it provided a different perspective than that of the artificial conference room light. You'd walk in in the haze of the morning, go about your day in an 8 foot by 12 foot space without a concept of time passage, and then step out of your skyscraper cave shocked to be surrounded by the inky color of the night sky. It'd make you want an afternoon cuppa java just to have an excuse to step out and move.