Paris: Minneapolis Edition

Drismal (drizzly + dismal) grey days like today remind me quite a bit of early winter in France. Before you state the obvious that we are now into the third third of May, I don’t care to acknowledge what today’s weather observation says about this year’s late spring. I’m hoping that the adage of “if you ignore behavior of which you don’t approve and praise that of which you do, the offender will tire of the lack of attention for the former and focus instead on the latter” will ring true...and until then, you’ll find me contently wrapped in striped scarves and a blissful state of denial.

Seasonal commentary aside, the only appropriate breakfast for this Parisian-reminiscent morning was a delightfully flaky croissant paired a steaming mug of locally roasted coffee. Espresso would have been more authentic, but French boulangerie food truck frequenters can’t be too particular. Let’s just be thankful such things exist.

Now for lunch…perhaps something on a baguette?