My life in the past few months has been an exercise in living.
In working hard.
In letting myself be vulnerable,
regardless of the consequences.
In finally feeling like I'm an adult,
rather than someone
pretending to be mature
and responsible
and put together...

...when on the inside,
I felt like I wasn't.

In short, it's been quite the learning experience.

I can't say that it was easy,
but it changed me for the better.
It helped me to re-find a voice that I'd been struggling to utter.
(and that voice won't be silent much longer)

Let's just say that I've missed you, blog.

Since we last touched base, a lot of things have changed.

For starters, I now have bangs.
(priorities, right?)
A more confident perspective.
Another relationship to look back and smile upon.
A more Lisa way of looking at things.
New experiences.
New friends and mentors.
A new work project.

(Lots of new things in general)

Dearest blog,
It's good to be back.