6ish days and 23 things: Status update 1

Three-ish days into my "6ish days & 23 things" challenge, I'm down 7ish things. As a side note, if lists forcing you to go do fun things instead of acquiescing to Netflix's horrible autoplay feature can guarantee that weekends will be this good, they might need to become a regular weekend feature.

Starting with Friday night:
#12: Saying "yes" when my first instinct is "no"
On paper, a progressive (an apartment-hopping party with themed drinks at each stop) was something I'd been looking forward to all week, but in practice, sleepless, long-day weeks have a way of turning me into a recluse. When your apartment is silent and your living room looks like this (substituting cozy lamplight for sunlight), the urge to curl up with a steaming mug of tea and write is a tough thing to refuse.
So. In the spirit of working through this list as well as seeing some coworkers I hadn't seen in a few months, I said yes to going out when I wanted to say no. Verdict: a good, forced decision.

#19: Hit the closing day of the Mill City Farmer's Market
Beyond the usual suspects (produce so beautiful even devoted carnivores would consider becoming vegetarian), the Mill City Farmer's Market's pop-up cafes, live music, artists' fares, home within an old train depot, view of the Mississippi River/St. Anthony Falls, and people watching make it my favorite way to spend a Fall Saturday morning. When shared with my Momma, it's even better :)

#23: Test drive a car at a dealership
Found my new car!
Juuust kidding. Dearest Minneapolis, don't ever lose your weird side.

Here's the real one (well, one of five) that I test drove on Saturday.
After years of mooching rides from friends, winter biking, loving on public transportation, and occasionally borrowing a spare car from the fam, I'm finally at a place where I would like (and can afford!) my own vehicle. Car research has been a hobby since 8th grade (nerd), so prior to hitting the dealerships, I thought I had a pretty good idea of how the cars I wanted to test would drive.

Turns out you can't really tell until you put yourself behind the wheel.

The car I thought I'd love I didn't really like, the things I thought were going to be issues weren't, the things I didn't think would be issues were, and the car I wasn't sure about originally is the one I'll likely purchase, pending negotiations. 

Lesson learned: You won't really know until you get off of the internet and try things first hand.

#13: Go out to eat by myself without bringing a book or checking my phone
#4: Learn the names of all of the guys in the kitchen at my favorite brunch place
#9: Leave a substantial tip for an unsuspecting server
Finding a few unexpected hours Sunday morning made for the perfect opportunity to kill three birds with one stone. Let's be real though: It just wouldn't be the weekend if I didn't end up at the Kenwood.
In showing my list to a few friends prior to Saturday, 90% of the comments I received (apart from, "Some of these are pretty hipster of you") were related to #13. Depending on the person, the feedback ranged from, "Why would you ever want to do that?" to "I've come to really enjoy it." I figured I'd fall somewhere between the two, and that turned out to be true.

Admittedly, I copped out a little bit by sitting at the bar versus a table. It was one of those situations though where I either would have taken up a table during peak brunch time and been that person lazily lingering over my coffee while hungry folk wait 30 mins for my table or I could sit at the bar and get to know the guys in the kitchen. Given #4 (DJ, Chet, Mikey, and Markus, for the record), the latter was perfect. The granola (as always) was too.
Interestingly, the hardest thing for me about going out to eat without checking my phone or bringing a book wasn't the social aspect, but rather, the urge to be doing something instead of just enjoying the food, atmosphere, and sensory experience. 

The first 10 minutes were rather "Imustfindsomewaytobeproductive" consumed, but after I settled in/came to terms with the fact that I was going to spend a bare minimum of 45 minutes doing nothing but eat and sit on a barstool, that feeling started to recede. I started to actually taste each sip of coffee and bite of granola in a way I hadn't before. And I rather liked how indulgent eating for enjoyment and sustenance rather than for any other purpose felt.

Getting to leave a 100% tip while wearing running gear (versus something more socially fitting for being generous on a tab) was the metaphorical icing on the cake for a delightful solo brunch.

My only complaint was that my favorite waitress wasn't the recipient of it. Since I sat at the bar, I wasn't in her section...which was a bit of a bummer. Next time, Carolyn :)

#20: Explore a new hiking trail
On Sunday afternoon, a good friend of mine and I hit Minnehaha Park in South Minneapolis. The waterfall is a city landmark so we knew about that, but the vastness of the park and trail system was a surprise to both of us.

As we wandered down the trail, we couldn't stop saying to each other, "I can't believe this is out here" to the creek-side trail, sandstone bluffs, and white sand beach. Unless you hiked it, you'd never know it was there, which made it felt a bit like a secret you couldn't help but share.

In progress:
5/23 miles

1/2 of a handwritten letter

Only snoozing once this morning (!)

Having a therapy session on the calendar


Adding a few items to the "24 things" list. If you have suggestions, get at me.

In summary:
23. Test drive a car at a dealership
22. Run 23 miles
21. Kick the snooze button habit. Yesterday's hour 1.5 hr snoozefest/mental tradeoff game was a wakeup call.
20. Explore a new hiking trail
19. Hit the closing day of the Mill City Farmer's Market
18. See a therapist
17. Finally finish my "2012 in Review" post. So long as it's in before 2014, it counts, right?
16. Learn a new word and use it repeatedly
15. Go out of my way to do something special for someone
14. Enforce the "there must always be a bottle of champagne in the fridge" rule at the apartment
13. Go out to eat by myself without bringing a book or checking my phone
12. Say "yes" to something when my first instinct is to say "no"
11. See a sunrise, sunset, and moonrise all in the same day
10. Snail mail a letter
9. Leave a substantial tip for an unsuspecting server
8. Say "no" to something when my first instinct is to say "yes"
7. Get 9 hours of sleep at a time during the work week
6. Track down some long lost savings bonds
5. Book a flight to California for the Big Sur Half Marathon
4. Learn the names of all of the guys in the kitchen at my favorite brunch place
3. Try eating paleo-vegan for a day
2. Learn the dance to Robyn's "Call your Girlfriend"
1. Create a kickass list of things to try before 24

3ish days to go.


  1. I believe you accomplish #8 last Friday night, :)



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