6ish days and 23 things

With five birthdays within a month and a day of each other, Birthday Season has hit the Clinton household hard

So far, we're two down (Not-so-Little Brother & Dad starting us off strong) and three to go, with one coming up on Monday (Happy early 21st, Hailey!), me 4 days later, and then Momma Clinton bringing it home mid-November. 

While you'd think the proximity would mean that we'd all be well prepared for it, rapid fire birthdays instead mean that birthday planning & execution tend to be just in time endeavors. Yes, it would make sense to plan for everyone well in advance, but that'd ruin the fun of "Jeff! Dad! Hail! Me! Mom!" -ness that gives everyone 4-13 days of feeling special.

So. With Hail's gift successfully delivered to Colorado and fewer than 144 hours standing between me and what's supposedly one of the best years of one's life, it's about time to start thinking seriously about a. what I'm going to do to celebrate (last year's hot yoga + apartment concert bash will be tough to beat) and b. what I want this next year to look like. 

That said, there are still six days left of this year's fleeting journey around the sun. In no particular order, here's how I intend to make the most of them:

23. Test drive a car at a dealership
22. Run 23 miles
21. Kick the snooze button habit. Yesterday's hour 1.5 hr snoozefest/mental tradeoff game was a wakeup call.
20. Explore a new hiking trail
19. Hit the closing day of the Mill City Farmer's Market
18. See a therapist
17. Finally finish my "2012 in Review" post. So long as it's in before 2014, it counts, right?
16. Learn a new word and use it repeatedly
15. Go out of my way to do something special for someone
14. Enforce the "there must always be a bottle of champagne in the fridge" rule at the apartment
13. Go out to eat by myself without bringing a book or checking my phone
12. Say "yes" to something when my first instinct is to say "no"
11. See a sunrise, sunset, and moonrise all in the same day
10. Snail mail a letter
9. Leave a substantial tip for an unsuspecting server
8. Say "no" to something when my first instinct is to say "yes"
7. Get 9 hours of sleep at a time during the work week
6. Track down some long lost savings bonds
5. Book a flight to California for the Big Sur Half Marathon
4. Learn the names of all of the guys in the kitchen at my favorite brunch place
3. Try eating paleo-vegan for a day
2. Learn the dance to Robyn's "Call your Girlfriend"
1. Create a kickass list of things to try before 24

6ish days, 23 things. Best 144 hours ever?