6ish days and 23 things: Status update 2

#21. Kick the snooze button habit
CHECK. Snoozing (aside from days I foolishly set my alarm too optimistically) has been killed. Even on those overly optimistic days, the snoozing habit has been traded for a set 2 alarms one-- turn off the first, sleep in bliss until the second. No miserable 10 minute intervals involved.

#18. See a therapist
Check. This one deserves a separate post of its own - a paragraph doesn't do it justice - so this will be upcoming & will be linked appropriately.

Preview: Seeing a therapist may be the best thing for me I've ever done, so I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

# 17. Finally finish my "2012 in Review" post
Check. Different than I expected when I put it on this list, but writing it was like a glass of red wine for my psyche. 

#16. Learn a new word and use it repeatedly
Too apparent to be doubted; unquestionable.

This word was learned in the team room and then became everyone's response to every question asked for the rest of the day. 

This same team also spontaneously sprang into this song:
at this fancy-pants white-tablecloth restaurant in Chicago. #bestteamever #missyou #takemeback

#15. Go out of my way to do something special for someone
Little sister is notoriously hard to shop for - she's perhaps the coolest person you've ever met (which means gift ideas should be easy), yet if she wants it, she gets it for herself. My first plan was to get her a Minnesota necklace after she admired mine...but then the next time I saw her, she had one.

Dang you, Seester.

So. For her 21st birthday, I had to get a bit creative. Money was one thing and typical Birthday stuff is another, but since her 18th was sucky (nothing says "Yay!! You're an adult!" like being sick, having a friend forget to bring you food from the cafeteria, and then having people sing Happy Birthday to your roommate (shared B-day) but not to you), I really wanted to make her 21st special. From 1,500 miles away.

I won't go a ton of detail about it, but Seester's gift involved a custom map, her favorite drink, dedicated funds, a dead fish, and a rabbit hole.

And she loved it.

#8. Say "no" to something when my first instinct is to say "yes"
Of anything on my list, this is probably the one of which I'm most proud. 

At work, I was asked to take on a national leadership role that was soooo unbelievably tempting. National role? A chance to check off a goal I've had for a while? Better yet, a chance to get one step closer to my dream job by leading a national initiative (because I'm a nerd, looked up the job requirements for a job I'd love to have in 20 years (having experience leading national initiatives is one of them), wrote them down, and posted in my room)? Uhh yes please.

Except right now, I'm not at a place where I can take on anything new. This year, I pushed my limits a bit too aggressively, hit a pretty low low, and was lucky enough to receive a much-needed wakeup call that made me realize I didn't want to do that anymore. That I wanted to take some time to focus on me and to spend some time going inward. To get to a place where I was indubitably happy. And to learn to say no when I wanted to say yes. 

Perhaps next year, national role. After a year of self-work, perhaps next year. 

#6. Track down some long lost savings bonds
Location = acquired. Value = yet to be determined. Gotta love delayed onset funds.

#5. Book a flight to CA for the Big Sur Half Marathon
Cali, see you Saturday-Tuesday. I'd love to get a group together to surprise my Grandma for dinner, so if you're able to get to the Monterey area on Sunday or Monday eve, hit.me.up.

#3. Try eating Paleo Vegan for a day
Check. This one took a decent amount of planning, but it was doable and actually enjoyable. I'd like to extend this to a week long challenge, so look for a dedicated post later this year.

#2. Learn the dance to Robyn's "Call your Girlfriend"
This one has been on my list of thing to do ever since I first saw this video:

That shirt. Those weird platform sneakers. And dancing alone in a warehouse. 

Robyn, let me count the ways that I adore thee.

Sooo I hung out in my hotel room by myself one night in Chicago to learn it. Can I still do it now? Eh. Could I do it then? Yes. Do I have some new dance moves for the next time I go out? Absolutely. Hotel room YouTube night to learn how to do a flip over my shoulder while on the floor and make it look not awkward FTW. Note: that will not be one of the dance moves repeated in public. Or at least, most public places. I can't guarantee it won't happen ever.

#1. Create a kickass list of things to try before 24
CHECK. To be posted soon.

Ones that didn't quite get completed:
22. Run 23 miles
This one was originally "run a mile a day until my Birthday," but then I got overzealous. If I put it on the internet, I'll actually run on the treadmill each day in the hotel, right? Wrong. At least I climbed a minimum of 23 flights of stairs a day at the client site v. taking the elevator up to the 8th floor. Does that count?

14. Enforce the "there must always be a bottle of champagne in the fridge" rule at the apartment
Trader Joe's is my champagne supplier of choice. Minnesota has this wonderful law that says that liquor stores must be closed on Sundays. Guess which day I hit Trader Joe's? Sunday.


11. See a sunrise, sunset and moonrise all in the same day
Good intentions, but I ran out of time for follow through. I thought I'd be able to do it on my B-Day and got partially there...Sunrise = check. Sunset = ehhhh....I was near a window at the time but paid attention to my computer instead of the sunset and Moonrise...well, it was the 2nd to last day of a waning moon, so there wasn't much of a moonrise. This one will be recycled for the next full moon.

10. Snail mail a letter.
I wrote the letter. It's sitting in my folder. The envelope has yet to be addressed though. I really rock at sending letters.

7. Get 9 hours of sleep on a weeknight
Haha. Remind me why I thought this was feasible?

In summary:
23. Test drive a car at a dealership
22. Run 23 miles
21. Kick the snooze button habit. Yesterday's hour 1.5 hr snoozefest/mental tradeoff game was a wakeup call.
20. Explore a new hiking trail
19. Hit the closing day of the Mill City Farmer's Market
18. See a therapist
17. Finally finish my "2012 in Review" post. So long as it's in before 2014, it counts, right?
16. Learn a new word and use it repeatedly
15. Go out of my way to do something special for someone
14. Enforce the "there must always be a bottle of champagne in the fridge" rule at the apartment
13. Go out to eat by myself without bringing a book or checking my phone
12. Say "yes" to something when my first instinct is to say "no"
11. See a sunrise, sunset, and moonrise all in the same day
10. Snail mail a letter
9. Leave a substantial tip for an unsuspecting server
8. Say "no" to something when my first instinct is to say "yes"
7. Get 9 hours of sleep at a time during the work week
6. Track down some long lost savings bonds
5. Book a flight to California for the Big Sur Half Marathon
4. Learn the names of all of the guys in the kitchen at my favorite brunch place
3. Try eating paleo-vegan for a day
2. Learn the dance to Robyn's "Call your Girlfriend"
1. Create a kickass list of things to try before 24