Inner voice, meet narration

One of the things I always wonder about when I read other blogs is how the writer intended their work to sound when they wrote it.

We all have that inner voice that narrates for us, so for them, what do their words sound like? Their enunciation? What do they emphasize versus downplay? How does my inner reading of it compare? And on a slightly different note, what do they actually sound like?

I think actually hearing written work spoken out loud with the author's intention and emotion can bring a deeper level of meaning to a piece (high school speech team nerd in me coming out), so I wanted to bring some of that richness to my own writing.  Look for audio accompaniments (downloadable too, if that's your thing) moving forward as well as retrospective add-ins for pieces I've written in the past that have special meaning to me. It's something I'm pretty excited about, so here's to trying something new!