In which I try to run away to California

Following a week that went from "everything is coming up roses" to "dramatic turmoil" in the span of a few days (read: a very unexpected break up), escaping town for the comfort of my grandmother's arms sounded like wonderful salve for a broken heart. I'd planned to go to California later this week anyway for MBA school tours but this just accelerated things a little.

Fate, classically, had different plans. Good thing fate is no match for a lady determined to see her Grandmother.

For your amusement, here's how the "Escape town for Grandma Time in CA" adventure went down:
  • 09:00: Logged into Delta's employee travel system and investigated the flight situation from MSP to SFO. Discovered tomorrow looked wide open
  • 09:10: Booked a "standby" ticket for the first flight out in the morning. This meant that if a seat was unsold by flight time, it was mine; otherwise, I'd make myself at home at the MSP airport until I could get on a later flight
  • 21:10: Finished work for the day and re-checked flight loads. Discovered that all flights from MSP -> SFO were oversold and that my flight was oversold by 11 people (aka a no-win standby situation)
  • 21:12: Checked to see if they were still selling tickets for my flight. Excellent news: Delta was still selling tickets for the flight
  • 21:14: Confirmed ticket acquired for 32,500 frequent flier points + a designation that, in order for me to volunteer to give up my seat in the morning, I'd walk away with a confirmed ticket for the next flight + an $800 travel voucher
  • 21:15: Escape town plan = sweet, sweet victory
Now to pack, clean my apartment (which, given both my luck and the fact that I'm moving out of it at the end of this month, will only be be shown to prospective renters if I don't clean it tonight before I leave and will not be shown if I do), and raise a glass to besting fate.

Or at least for now.