29 Before 29

Every year I make a list of things that I want to do / try / experience before my next birthday. Whether I complete one or all, the goal isn't about "getting through the list." Instead, each item is an invitation for experimentation, prioritizing "life" things just as much as "work" things, and intentionally making this year the year I want it be. 

Here's what I'm trying this year:
  1. Rebuild an emergency fund
  2. Take a photography class
  3. Read, "On the Map"
  4. Create and frame a piece of artwork
  5. Marie Kondo my possessions
  6. Complete Dry January without cheating
  7. Yoga 30 days in a row
  8. Visit a new country
  9. Send snail mail to my friends just because
  10. Get a hot stone massage
  11. Try surfing
  12. Write to a representative
  13. Migrate my passwords over to a password manager
  14. Try intermittent fasting
  15. Join a wine club
  16. Read "Cork Dork"
  17. Build a dress code / personal style manifesto
  18. Cook at home (instead of eating out or getting takeout) for a month
  19. Launch a business
  20. Go one week without checking work email on my phone
  21. Learn how to play "Weapons" by the Daylights on the guitar
  22. Get a Minneapolis library card
  23. Find a MN accupuncturist
  24. Get an energy reading
  25. Host a house warming
  26. Shop at Goodwill / thrift stores instead of buying something new
  27. Cook something in an instant pot
  28. Train for a race (I'm notoriously bad at this)
  29. Plan a cabin weekend with friends
If this practice speaks to you, I'd love to hear your own list!